10 BIGGEST Underwater Creatures In The world!

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Check out the 10 biggest underwater creatures in the world! This top 10 list of mysterious deep sea monsters has some of the biggest and most bizarre animals that were ever found! Subscribe to World5List: http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Check out our "13 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners" video at: https://youtu.be/bMwLm16_Q-0 Check out our "7 Celebrities Who Gave Their Kids Up For Adoption" video at: https://youtu.be/vVrlJFZ8sME 10. Japanese Spider Crab For starters, let's think about some sea creatures you'd see on or near a beach. What's the first thing you see? For me, it's a crab. They're always wandering around, and if you're not careful, you can step on one, and you'll regret it...trust me on that. 9. Giant Clams When you hear those words, "Giant Clams", you likely think about a movie you've seen, or a TV show that exaggerated the massive size of these clams. I'm curious though, which one was it for you? 8. Portuguese Man-Of-War The sea is truly full of wonders, and because of that, we're still trying to learn all the secrets that it holds. Take, for example, the Portuguese Man-Of-War. When you look at it, what species of animal do you think it is? A jellyfish? A good guess, but that's actually incorrect. In fact, the Portuguese Man-Of-War is a collection of organisms that work together to move and act. 7. Ocean Sunfish Sticking with the "oddities" portion of the ocean, let's talk about the Ocean Sunfish. This creature is affectionately known as the "Swimming Head". Can you guess why? That's right, it's because it doesn't have a tail. If you look closely at it, you'll see that it's literal all rigid, save for its mouth of course. 6. Giant Squid Whether on the land, in the air, or in the ocean, there are tales of massive creatures that roam the waters and have caused havoc for humans that have gotten in their way. The Giant Squid is most certainly one of them. In fact, many feel that the Giant Squid is the basis for the legend of the Kraken, which is understandable given how massive these creatures are. 5. Basking Shark Sharks are famous, and notorious for being some of the most vicious and aggressive creatures within the ocean. So it might just surprise you to learn that the Basking Shark is not only the second-largest fish within the ocean itself, but it's also one of most gentle sharks in the water. That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? 4. Whale Shark So, if the Basking Shark is the second-largest fish in the sea, what's the first? Well, that would be the Whale Shark, another creature that sounds like an oxymoron, yet this time works out when you think about it. After all, whales are massive, and this one definitely qualifies. True, it's shark nature is downplayed, just like the Basking Shark, but if we're focusing on size, this is one creature that lives up to the name both times. 3. Oarfish Speaking of wonders, let's talk about one that is so mysterious, so odd, and so rarely seen that when it first was taken in a picture, people actually thought of as a hoax. We speak of the Oarfish. This is a large fish that is actually the largest "bony fish" alive. In fact, the largest one found was 36 feet long. 2. Blue Whale So, we've already talked about the biggest fishes in the sea, but when it comes to mammals, there is only one candidate, the Blue Whale. In fact, the Blue Whale is so huge, that it dwarfs many man-made creations. This is a creature that is nearly 110 feet long! That's basically an 11-story building, and it probably weighs as much as that building, if not more! 1. Lion's Mane Jellyfish When we talked about the Portuguese Man-O-War, we noted that its tentacles reached at their peak 135 feet long. But noted that this was a rarity. In contrast, the Lion's Mane Jellyfish averages a tentacle length of 120 feet. And that's not including their bodies. Which means that the tentacles alone are bigger than the biggest creature in the sea via the Blue Whale.

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