Can you solve the dragon jousting riddle? - Alex Gendler

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Practice more problem-solving at -- After years of war, the world’s kingdoms have come to an agreement. Every five years, teams representing the elves, goblins, and treefolk will compete in a grand tournament of dragon jousting. You have the important job of recording the scores for the inaugural tournament. But, you overslept and the games are already underway. Can you figure out the real score of each match? Alex Gendler shows how. Lesson by Alex Gendler, directed by Artrake Studio. This riddle is adapted from a puzzle that originally appeared in Puzzles for Pleasure, by E.R. Emmet. Animator's website: Sign up for our newsletter: Support us on Patreon: Follow us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Peep us on Instagram: View full lesson: Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Manognya Chakrapani, Ayala Ron, Samantha Chow, Philippe Spoden, Phyllis Dubrow, Michelle Stevens-Stanford, Cas Jamieson, Ophelia Gibson Best, Amber Wood, Paul Schneider, Jun Cai, Tim Robinson, Henrique 'Sorín' Cassús, cnorahs, Lyn-z Schulte, Elaine Fitzpatrick, Karthik Cherala, Clarence E. Harper Jr., Milad Mostafavi, Аркадий Скайуокер, Kiara Taylor, Louisa Lee, eden sher, Vignan Velivela, Sage Curie, Srikote Naewchampa, Tejas Dc, Khalifa Alhulail, Faiza Imtiaz, Martin Stephen, Jerome Froelich, Dan Paterniti, Jose Henrique Leopoldo e Silva, Mullaiarasu Sundaramurthy, Elnathan Joshua Bangayan, Caleb ross, Duo Xu, Quinn Shen, Marvin Vizuett, Sid, Marylise CHAUFFETON, Karen Goepen-Wee, Sama aafghani, Mandeep Singh, Abhijit Kiran Valluri, Morgan Williams, Kris Siverhus, Jason Weinstein, Tony Trapuzzano and Devin Harris.

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